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Feb 22 2006, v.1.2.0 Declared this to be v.1.2.

Feb 20 2006, v.1.1.2 Added several variations of NSL to examples. Slightly changed the yahalom-modified.cry example and renamed it to ban-yahalom.cry. Updated our affiliations. Added our CONCUR'05 papers.

Nov 10 2004, v.1.1.1 Modified the web pages for Cryptyc 1.1. Added new examples and modified many of the old examples to make use of the new constructs.

Nov 10 2004, v.1.1.0 Installed Cryptyc 1.1, which handles asymmetric cryptography and hashing in addition to symmetric cryptography. Cryptyc 1.1 also adds new type constructs, namely, authorization types and tag types. These constructs make it possible to assign protocol-independent types to keys.

Jan 7 2003, v1.0.1f: Added ISSS 02 paper.

Dec 10 2002, v1.0.1e: Removed job advert for research associate. Added NSF credit.

Sep 26 2002, v1.0.1d: Added job advert for research associate.

Aug 15 2002, v1.0.1c: Added tech report version of the CSFW 2002 paper.

Feb 20 2002, v1.0.1b: Added pointer to CSFW 2002 paper.

Feb 20 2002, v1.0.1a: Moved to BSD rather than LGPL license. Removed stack trace from error reports.

May 18 2001, v1.0.1: Added Woo and Lam's authentication protocol, and their mutual authentication protocol.

May 16 2001, v1.0.0: Added the tech report versions of the MFPS and CSFW papers.

March 10 2001, v0.0.9: Added the ISO 5-pass Authentication Protocol. Fixed some bugs with Carlsen's protocol.

March 9 2001, v0.0.8: Put the logo on the front page, and generally messed around with the appearance of the web site. Added the ISO 4-pass Authentication Protocol.

March 8 2001, v0.0.7: Added Carlsen's secret key initiator protocol. Renamed the project from Secure Pi Types to Cryptyc. Added this changelog, and the to-do list. Registered the DNS entry.

Cryptyc implementation Copyright © 2001-2004, Alan Jeffrey and Christian Haack
Technical reports Copyright © 2000-2004 Microsoft Research, Alan Jeffrey and Christian Haack
This material is partly based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0208549.
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